cynthia hoffos | graphic designer
reliable | responsive | creative | strategic | experienced
My design knowledge and skills have developed and evolved through print design. I mastered the ruling pen, cutting lithographic film with a razor sharp scalpel, and rendering comps with aromatic felt tip markers only to abandon them to computer software programs. Regardless of how I created it, my design solutions were realized on a press. Will this physical product of texture and shape be replaced by movement, sound, and interactivity? Maybe, but it will not replace my passion for print and the magic of cmyk. more
I grew up with only two TV channels, one was CTV. And it was only when I began working in web design that I got it – their logo colours are red, green, and blue – screen colour. Web design is extremely different than print design. Each abide by its own set of rules and limitations. I was fortunate to learn from someone who had developed an in-depth process for successful web design, from strategy, content, and navigation to graphic design. But I am not a coder. I contract it out just as I would contract out the printing to take the project to the finish line. more
My process depends on who I am working with or the complexity of the project. If you need someone to take the lead on a project I can do that. Or if you have it all figured out and just need a person with the right skill set, I can do that too. I can lead you through all the steps to a great result and even give you a little nudge every now and then if you are finding it difficult to give the project the time it needs with all the other demands on your desk. more
If your business or organization needs an extra hand from time to time, my twenty-eight years of reliability, experience, and design expertise could be just what you need during a busy period when you just do not have the time or budget to commit to a full-time employee. Over the years I have gained the trust and confidence of several design, marketing, and communication firms. I deliver solid design solutions. I am dependable. I always meet my deadlines. I respond quickly to client requests, and when something needs to be done, I do it, and I do it right. more