Forum of Federations

David Berman was contracted by the Forum of Federations to update their public website. David asked me to work with him on the content outline, navigation plan, and the graphic design components of the project. To date, this was one of the most elaborate sites I have ever worked on. There were ten multi-page levels, […]

Action Battery Service

Dani and Al ‘knew’ they offered clients a great service but they needed to tell their success story to more people. They based their battery business model on Preventative Maintenance, specializing in electric forklifts. In addition to this unique model, they provide clients with amazing summary reports that clients can actually understand. www.actionbatteryservice.com

Halifax Initiative


Regiment Capital Advisors, LP

Regiment Capital Advisors, LP is a Boston-based investment manager formed in 1999. Regiment focuses on managing fixed income investments, including portfolios of high yield bonds and leveraged loans, and structured products. The firm also manages private market, direct lending loan funds. Regiment knew they needed a web presence but they did not want it to […]