An Honest, Genial and Kindly People by Adrian K. Paton

Working on this book with Adrian and his daughter Val was one of the most heart-felt projects I’ve had the pleasure to design, and it was also the most serendipitous contracts I’ve ever gotten. Out of the blue I get an email via my website from Val Guillemin. Her dad was looking at publishing options […]

Moving Out of the Shadows
Catalogue Houses by Les Henry

As Les wrote in the preface, “this is a story book.” It’s a story about houses on prairie farms and the role that catalogues and mail order played in getting those houses built during the turn of the century. Although Les’s career was in academia, this book was written as if you were having a […]

David Berman's Do Good Design

David Berman was asked to write this book in 2009 by PeachPit Press on design and social responsibility. It’s a call to action. It alerts designers to the role design plays on a global level and offers them a sustainable approach to both the practice and the consumption of design. Its small format (5.25 x […]

The Story of the MS St. Louis

This project was a team effort consisting of 15 individuals and groups. David Berman and I worked directly with the project manager, Erica Phillips-Posner, the illustrator, Nicholas Jackson, the author, Sara Loewenthal, and Devora Caytak, a co-director of the Jewish Youth Library. Without Devora, this project would never have happened. She¬†applied and received major funding […]

Riverside Country Club

I had the good fortune to work with Leslie Bell (marketing and communications) from when I began my design firm in 1990 until her retirement in 2011. So I was very pleased when she asked me to submit a proposal to work with her again on a book celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Riverside […]

Henry's Handbook of Soil and Water

This was the second book we designed for Les Henry. His first self-published book about Catalogue Houses on the prairies was so successful he decided to publish again. This handbook is about soil and water as seen and experienced by Les in his 40 years of “pounding highways and byways throughout the prairie provinces, particularly […]