NorSask Forest Products

Owned by the Meadow Lake Tribal Council, this sawmill produces high-quality spruce, pine, and fir stud lumber. Through its forest management arm, Mistik Management Ltd (committed to stewardship of the environment) it sustainably manages 1.8 million hectares of boreal forest in northern Saskatchewan.

Phenix and Associates

President Connie Phenix, is a successful leadership pioneer, facilitator, change catalyst and strategist, executive coach, and inspirational communicator who facilitates and guides leaders and their organization to financially sound, and ethically responsible, results. She based out of Vancouver. 


Founder Connie Phenix, began InnerQuest to make a positive difference in the leader’s world by working with individuals and executive teams to uncover their own inner leadership. This inner science grounds the leader in practical, real-life, business experiences and solutions for their lives and their own organizations. 

Arthur Grey Consultants

Years ago I was hired by a marketing firm to design a wordmark for one of their clients who requested a generic logo to represent them. Recently I did a Google search to find out what they do only to discover they still exist but there is only an address and phone number associated with their name. It is a mystery. I posted their logo because it is a great sample of interesting typography, the mix of lowercase letters with the three uppercase Rs.

Karder Medical

Karst and Cruder (Karder) joined forces to market an easy-to-use, home monitoring system in the emerging field of remote patient monitoring. Data is transmitted to a central server computer where health care professionals can generate detailed reports showing a patient’s changing condition. 

Philom Bios

This Saskatchewan founded company developed, manufactured, and marketed microbial products that improved crop productivity – supplying high value inoculants to prairie farmers. It was acquired by a Danish company in 2007.

The Counselling Group

They offer a full range of counselling and support services for children, individuals, couples and families living in Ottawa. As a program of the Jewish Family Services, they wanted to distinguish themselves from JFS in order to appeal to a larger audience. 

Del-Air Systems

This Saskatchewan-based company provides quality ventilation and heat exchange technology to ensure maximum livestock production and a healthier work environment.