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Here is what clients have to say about my work:

David Berman Communications, Ottawa

In working with Cynthia Hoffos’ delightfully thorough approach to communication design for over a decade, I can’t recall her ever missing a deadline. I enjoy working with her knowing that with each engagement we get evidence-based design research, and uncompromising dedication to process and integrity. Sometimes we have Cynthia take a small portion of a larger project, while other times she covers every step (including extensive client and supplier liaison). Her process results in great return on investment for us.

I’ve repeatedly entrusted her some of our biggest projects, our largest clients, and our toughest challenges. Her experience in all aspects of the communications and production process strengthens what we can achieve while helping us to continuously improve how we repeat our successes. Many of our proudest creative examples including Cynthia’s insights and wit.

She always leaves our customer and supplier relationships at least as strong as when we entrusted them to her and often stronger. And she’s fun too. That’s why we’ll keep choosing Cynthia for a variety of challenges, especially when failure to deliver great results on a tight deadline is not an option.

The Training Company (InDesign and Acrobat Pro), Ottawa

Wish I could clone you. Your students love you!
Peter Hall, The Training Company

Inter Pares, Ottawa

Thank you, as always, for your prompt, high-quality excellent work, and for your flexible and collegial approach. Always a pleasure for us!
Samantha McGavin, Communications Director 

Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Such a delight to work with you. You’re so creative, organized, and competent. I LOVE how you just keep it all moving.
Sandra Kary, Executive Director

Dani vanDriel, Saskatoon

Cynthia and I have a long and rich history together. While working at Hangs & Associates Public Relations over 25 years ago, I was first attracted to Cynthia’s freelance portfolio for the clean, beautiful and meticulously created visual messages. I instinctively knew that her capacity to grasp and connect sometimes complex interrelationships was what our PR boutique needed to support clarity and trust on our clients’ behalf. A few years later, Cynthia and I formalized our professional compatibility by becoming business partners in Concepts III where we worked closely to design campaigns that were genuine and memorable. Recently, Cynthia was my natural first choice to guide us through a common sense process which has resulted in a highly functional web site that is perfect for our unique and growing company.
Dani vanDriel, former C3 business partner. Current director, Action Battery Service

Leslie Bell Marketing and Communications, Saskatoon

Leslie Bell was one of my first clients. She contracted me for a variety of projects over our twenty year professional relationship until her retirement in 2011. In her own words… Leslie “views Cynthia as the consummate professional to work with. I value the creative analysis she brings to the project through the development and final design stages and her ability to interpret direction. Whether it is a team or individual situation, Cynthia finds the right consensus and translates that into the final design components for a single or multi faceted project. She always meets deadlines and contributes her technical expertise, appreciated by all team members involved in the project. As a result, Cynthia provides a creative, experienced, and cost effective approach to solving design problems”.

SFMN, Network for Centres of Excellence, Edmonton

Hosted by the University of Alberta, the Sustainable Forest Management Network was established in 1995 to fund, plan, conduct, and apply interdisciplinary, university-based research that addresses issues related to sustainable forest management. I began my fourteen year relationship with its communications directors when I designed their first Annual Report. Over the years, I opened 123 jobs for them. With the completion of its mandate in 2009, my final projects were the State of Knowledge Reports, designed to capture the knowledge and wisdom that had accumulated in publications and people over a decade of research.

Abbott Diabetes Care, Saskatchewan

Cynthia, this looks great! Thanks again for taking care of my situation so quickly, your follow-up was exceptional. I hope we can do more business in the future.
Gary Heidt, Territory Manager-Saskatchewan