contract work
the design process
1 Evaluating Design Needs (required if the project is being produced for the first time)
• consideration of business plan (long and short-term goals) and marketing strategy
• creative brief (a detailed statement of the communication problem to be solved, and the
  anticipated challenges that will be met in solving it produced via research and interviews)

2 Project Planning
• identify project goals
• determine scheduling
• set budget (formal C3 agreement signed-off by client)
• identify content and visual requirements (project scope)
• identify production considerations (shipping, mailing, etc)

3 Concept Development
• copy writing and translation (provided by client or contracted by C3)
• edit copy (C3 can provide editing and plain language services)
• page flow diagram (multiple page projects)
• design concept development/research
• specifications of: typography, photography, illustration, paper, and printing method
• design presentation (cover and typical inside page design – requires sign-off)

4 Production
• prepare printing specifications and obtain print quotes
• page layout (up to 3 PDF proofs in each language unless otherwise requested)
• client liaison for proofreading and corrections
• set of comprehensive PDFs (for final approval/sign-off)
• preparation of final printing specifications and artwork files

5 Quality Control and Supervision
• intense internal proofing and cross referencing before files released to printer
• final approvals of printer proofs done by client in partnership with C3 recommendations

6 InvoicingA responsibility exists for both client and designer to define precisely the scope of work.
If the initial assessment changes because of unforeseen circumstances, the client can expect
to be advised of any fee changes mutually agreed upon. Printing and coding are invoiced by
the supplier directly to the client unless otherwise requested.